About Jax

Passed on April 22, 2014


May 5, 2004 – April 22, 2014

In July 2004 we fell in love with a sweet lanky legged black lab we named Jaxon. ‘Jax’ was a very special doggie. He was donated by a breeder for a benefit for my best friend Samantha’s Dad; Craig Ulrich,( now a cancer survivor.) We decided he was coming home with us that day.

Our 2 year old beagle, Tobey was not amused when we brought him home. Although he warmed up eventually, and they were buddies [Symbol] Jax was the same size & height as Tobey when we brought Jax home. Jax was always so gentle & careful & most of all just wanted to be Tobey’s friend. He would go lay next to him whenever he could & followed him everywhere. Jax was such a sweet heart, his body size quickly surpassed his ‘big-little’ brother’s. Even though he was physically bigger than Tobey he always respected his sassy alpha brother’s personality. He just loved Tobey and his family.

Jax had the sweetest of eyes… just like his big heart- the look he would give with those beautifully shaped eyes would melt anyone. Jax always was a tender hearted soul. He would really react to the emotions he felt from those around him. He was the best door greeter you could ever ask for. Just the happiest and most excited welcoming when you came home. Not 1 day in his 10 years did he not greet us when we came through the door, always happy, excited, & hitting his tail on everything in the path. God, how I miss that. The unconditional true love he always so selflessly gave. There were times when you thought aww, buddy you need to take a break and relax, (because he truly needed to) he never would – he was always keeping an eye on everyone & concerned with his surroundings. Some would call it anxiety, but I think it’s because he had a heart so big with so much love, care & concern to give – he never wallowed in the challenges that faced him. He never let it get the best of him, ALWAYS gave and oh SO graciously. We’ve often had friends & family mention how lucky Jax was that we got him that day…. But quite honestly – we are so grateful for him, feeling so blessed the Lord trusted us to take care of & love Jax.

Jax absolutely loved Pheasant hunting with Joel. He knew when the season was close, we’d often find him happily snooping around in the basement, sniffing through the hunting gear! It was like he was saying ‘Dad are you ready to go?!?’ His other great passion was a ball! He would play fetch 24 hours a day if we let him. That was something he absolutely loved. Any ball he could get in his mouth – he loved it! I used to walk him around the ball diamonds & every once in a while there would be a softball lying around & it came home with us. He wouldn’t give it up till we were in our fenced yard (where we play) stinker… it was like ‘finders keepers.’ He loved fetch so much he would jump up on our fence with his front paws to give the mini basketball or tennis ball to our neighbor to throw for him. That was pretty awesome. Such a smart boy…. & nice neighbor. There’d be times he was in the middle of taking care of business and would stop if he saw the neighbor, being so excited to go grab his ball and bring it to the fence… It was so cute. He didn’t even mind when his little cousin Charlie- bear ( a yorkie-maltese) was nipping at his legs while they were playing fetch… Jax knew what ‘one more’ and ‘all done’ meant. He looked forward to ‘one more’ throw and he’d bring it to the door when you told him ‘all done’. Such a good boy he was. AS long as you were throwing, he was fetching, he was doing what he loved.

Jax loved a massage, and responded to physical touch. He was such a sweet soul. He would sit next to you when he wanted love… And if you stopped touching him, he would look at you with those wonderful eyes and swat you with his paw you until you gave him more love. <3

I could go on forever about our sweet & sensitive Jax. He was so much to us. He changed our lives in such a positive way. You know, people say there is no love greater than that of loving your own ‘child’… Well, Joel and I very much consider our dogs; our children… We miss every single thing about him. He gave us so much. Sweet understanding and empathetic eyes, patience & strength to get through whatever life threw at us, & a loving and greater understanding of dealing with challenging situations & most importantly taught us to live for today and to not take anything or anyone for granted.

… He was a strong dog, always so willing and eager, in any situation, even til his last minutes here on earth. His UNCONDITIONAL Love was and is so comforting and inspiring, what a gift from above he was to us, truly. Thank you Lord, for one of the most amazing souls we have ever been graced with, we are so grateful to have been loved by Him….our sweet Jaxon. After all God did create and give a ‘name’ to everything and living creature here on earth…..

Its no coincidence, DOG……. is GOD spelled backwards.

Today, Monday May 5th is our precious Jax’s 10th Birthday. Happy Birthday Jax, we love you more than words can say. Thank you Jax for being the sweetheart you were. You will be forever missed, we will hold you dearly in our hearts until we can hold you again, in heaven. Jax, rest in peace with your brother Tobey, we love you boys so so much.

We have sent you on a journey to a land free from pain, not because we did not love you, but because we loved you too much to force you to stay.
-Author Unknown

God’s Garden

God looked around His garden and He found and empty place, He then looked down upon the earth and saw your precious face, He put His arms around you and lifted you to rest; God’s Garden must be beautiful He always takes the best. He knew that you were suffering He knew you were in pain He knew you’d never ever get well on earth again. So He closed your weary eyelids and whispered ‘Peace be thine’ Then He took you up to Heaven with hands so gentle and kind. It broke our hearts to lose you but you did not go alone, For part of us went with you, the day God welcomed you home. -Author Unknown

We love you Jax, thank you for being the wonderful dog you were.

Love Mommy Daddy & Sister …..Lynn Joel & Cali