About Jonathan Bryce Champion

Passed on September 28, 2021

Jonathan Bryce Champion
Johnny gave us 15 yrs 6 months and 21 days of unconditional love, friendship, protection and joy!
He was super smart and a great teacher to all his furry friends. Abby’s first friend, Bella’s first love and Peyton’s big brother. Peyton misses you so much John. He would often “babysit smaller furry or feathery family members while cages were being cleaned. He was completely trustworthy.
Johnny had the biggest personality. It was not uncommon for him to hold a grudge (refusing to look at the person that irritated him) for quit some time. He was adventurous and brave. Always Johnny to the rescue!
Walks were a favorite part of our lives…Now you are able to walk with us.
We thank God for sharing you with us! A true gift from Heaven. You were so strong and brave for so long. God knew it was time for you to go home and be with Grandpa & Griffin. You needed rest and you deserve peace.
We will carry our love for you in our hearts forever and always..
Mom, Dad, Sara, Sam, Peyton, Christina, Aaron, Amy, Grandma & all the grandkids.