About Justice

Passed on January 9, 2013

Et Justice Pour Tous (And Justice for All) was born August 6th 2001. When I went to pick out a male Rottweiler puppy he made sure he was the one I picked up EVERYTIME so I brought him home. His loyalty was unmatched and he dedicated himself to be my husband’s dog. We never had to have him on a leash as he would never leave our sides but did so for the comfort of others. He would lie on the top of the steps at our house at night watching the front door protecting me and the kids while my husband worked. Justice was always there to greet everyone when we came home. He loved his glow balls and got the nickname “Air Justice” as he loved to jump as high as he could to catch them in mid air. My husband and son taught him to field balls as a short stop/outfielder and understood right, left and back commands He was a great ambassador for his breed for 9 years at Ren Fest and loved people. He had a fondness for other animals and was always very sweet and gentle with baby kitties, puppies and a few dogs we fostered. He would teach our foster animals what acceptable behavior was and correct them -when they misbehaved. Justice always loved car rides, going bye-bye and a pig ear from the local meat market. He would go anywhere as long as he was with the family. He was very grumbly and verbally expressive which a few people initially misunderstood as growling but it sounded more like a big cat purring. He would find large soft rocks and draw art on our garage floor during nice weather. He loved to play keep away from his two sister dogs and could out maneuver them every time even as he grew older! He had a pacemaker and was on heart meds for the past four years which was the only health problem he ever had. He passed away with no suffering suddenly January 9th, 2013 and will be forever missed by all of us who knew and loved him.