About Levine Franco

Levine lived to be 7 years old. She was my high school hero who has been there through everything and has helped me through it all. She lived in 6 different homes with me and went everywhere. She got to meet so many people and so many fur animals. She has many sisters and brothers which I know they miss dearly. I miss her so much that sometimes it’s hard to think she’s really not here. She lived a healthy life and was treated with so many yummy treats and got to run around to do her own thing. Car rides were our thing and I feel blessed to be able to take that last car ride with her. Levine was the sweetest bunny who loved pets on her head but also came with a little sass. She was my first bunny ever and will be my last.

Levine, baby girl I miss you so much but I know you’re in a better place just hopping around and seeing Xena. My 2 girls are together now. ❤