Lily Larkey

About Lily Larkey

Passed on November 23, 2023

Lily- 14 years ish

We found Lily at the Animal Humane Society. She was an adorable orange tabby that got my attention immediately.  We were told that she had been returned twice because she hid. Of course, this made me want to love her even more. Lily did hide, for a few months. And, we loved her, we were patient with her, and we earned her trust.

Lily was always timid and a bit scared except when she was home with just her family. She became a central part of the family, and we felt complete when she was with us. Lily was an incredible teacher to me. She taught me the importance of loving someone in the way they need to be loved, not the way I want to love them. This lesson has continued to prove invaluable as I parent and love my daughters.

The house is quieter now. I instinctively look for her everywhere. I miss her deeply. She was so good. Thank you Lily for allowing us to love you, and for loving us back.