About Lucy

Passed on April 8, 2014

Lucy aka “Lupe”

Lucy, the world’s sweetest mongrel, was a lovely mix of spaniel, lab, and Holstein cow. One of the quietest dogs ever, she never barked. She liked going for walks until it became too difficult, cooling off in the pool when it was hot outside, and visiting with her many Aunties and friends.

She had two feline siblings, beloved Pâté who preceded her in animal paradise, and the enigmatic Honeycow (black and white, like Lucy). Her actual sibling, Lucky, has slowed down but is still making the lives of his family (who live in Minneapolis) interesting.

Lucy was loved by all who met her. She lived with her mom (me) in three homes in the Twin Cities over her 15-year lifetime and came to rest in Roseville. She never traveled outside of Minnesota nor expressed any desire to do so. Lucy was a gentle and generous dog of simple needs and few demands, and she gave much more than she ever got. I hope there is an animal afterlife and that Lucy is now the healthiest and happiest creature there. She deserves no less.

Lucy, Lupecita, Cowdog, Angel Girl: much loved, never to be forgotten.