maggie lee 4

About Maggie Lee

Passed on April 2, 2024

Margaret (Maggie) crash-landed her little spaceship in our backyard and adopted us as her family on September 9, 2022. We got home from my cousin’s wedding and I hear the tiniest “meow” and these big orange eyes looking up at me. I exclaimed to my (now) husband, “Darrin, it’s a cat!”

Poor little girl knew she needed help; she was starving and underweight, surviving on trash and anything she could catch. She had been on the streets for at least two weeks in our neighborhood going door to door according to neighbors.

We took her in and tried to find her family. No luck. You could tell she hadn’t had the opportunity to get a good sleep in being outside. It took her a little while to learn to eat kibble instead of bits of food scraps.

So eventually after a week we decided to keep her and she fit right in to our little unit, becoming the feisty, sweet, loving tortitude addition we never knew we were missing. We love(d) her so much. She was a tough little survivor.

My heart shattered losing our sweet baby girl on April 2, 2024. She was only 2.5 years old. We had her tested for FeLV when we decided to keep her and while she cleared the test at that time it turned out to be a false negative as we tragically discovered.

She declined quickly on Easter Sunday; we took her in to the vet the next day to be checked and the following day made the decision to say goodbye to prevent any more discomfort or potential suffering. During her second-to-last day we watched lots of bird videos together (one of her favorite activities) and she enjoyed catnip (another favorite) and a little tuna. Finally, she let us know it was time. Big brother Charlie (our other cat-child) stayed by her side all morning on her last day, snuggled on their favorite blankie in front of their favorite window napping spot. We held her as she crossed the rainbow bridge.

Margaret and I formed an incredibly strong bond and I’ll be forever grateful for all of the love, laughs, and adventures we shared. She knew she was deeply loved and adored and those feelings were reciprocated. She packed in so much love, life and tortitude into our time together. I’ll always cherish every moment we spent together; I always be grateful to have taken the time to squeeze in an extra snuggle or play – even if it made me late. Her unique “mrow-rhow” and tummy-time greeting ritual (rolling on her back for pets), not to mention wanting her hair brushed and blown every day are just a few of the memories that will forever be etched in our hearts.

She was tiny but mighty. We love and miss our little critter so much. Rest in peace sweet Maggie. We will always love you.