Mason Perez-Martinez

About Mason Perez-Martinez

Passed on January 24, 2024

Mason Perez-Martinez, 9 years old.

December 2014 – January 24, 2024

Mason had tan, light beige colored fur, with a dark brown snout and deep chestnut brown
colored eyes that were outlined with dark brown. She was described as a boxer, mixed with
pitbull, german shepard, malinois, etc.. She was tall and very lanky, with large paws. Mason is
survived by her pawrents, Christina and Jorge, her canine siblings, Ezra, Dax, Peaches,
Hobbes, and Storm, her feline siblings, Calvin and Mouse, by her grandpawrents, Carmen and
Gerardo Perez, and Rosa Martinez, her aunts and uncles and many cousins (both human and
four-legged). She is received on the other side by her canine cousins Brutal, Misty, J.D.,
Westley, and Max.

Mason was very, very, very timid as a puppy and remained so into early adulthood. She was
sickly when adopted, with tapeworm, kennel cough, and covered in ticks from having been at
the city shelter. Mason was adopted from El Paso Animal Services as a 3 month old puppy. She
stood tall at the edge of her top bunk kennel gazing over all who walked by. Her first interaction
with family was with her mom and cousin Anabelle. In that first meeting we noted that she was
emaciated. She peed on mom’s foot as she tried to get away. That was it. We knew she was
She learned to accept affection and ask for it, pawing us for more pets, or leaning herself
against our legs beckoning for butt scratches. She awkwardly rolled her head and shoulders on
the floor with her butt pressed up against the couch. Mason was the only one of her siblings
who regularly howled. She was always goofy with those large ears that didn’t know whether to
stand tall or flop over. She loved to lay or sit on her brother Dax. She had to be wherever he
was. She was so awkward (it made her comical), intelligent, and cautious. Her bark was strong
and piercing and even though it startled people, it was a manifest of her overwhelming
excitement and happiness.

She loved our friends and family but she had a special affection for her cousin Joaquin whom
she dotingly followed around during his visits. She loved to run for the ball during fetch sessions
with her sister Peaches but would never actually bring the ball back to you. She loved exploring
dog parks, going on long walks during which she always looked up at us for reassurance. She
also loved hot cheetos, popcorn, broccoli, squash and chicken.

Mason will be missed dearly. Her life was cut too short, but her memory will live on in those she