Miley 4

About Miley Slater

We had to say goodbye this week to the sweetest best dog in the world, Miley. Miley was a malti-poo born on New Years Eve 15 1/2 years ago. She originally came into our family as a grandog, but when her family was about to move to a country home, she came to live with Nana and Papaw permanently to avoid harm from predators in their area. We were happy to take this sweet white ball of fur, but she would have to be permanently ours! She brought companionship and love to us and we miss her so much.
Miley crossed the Rainbow Bridge in Minnesota while on her last camping adventure. Three months ago Miley was diagnosed with an aggressive growing tumor in her mouth. She finally couldn’t eat and had trouble walking. Since we were not home in Texas, we had to pray for Gods guidance and we found Pets remembered online and gave them a call. Miley went to sleep in Nana’s arms and drifted peacefully away, no longer in pain.
Miley loved being a camping dog, camping all over the country with Tommy and I. Miley visited 28 states and saw many beautiful sites including the Grand Canyon,Sedona, Yellowstone, and monument valley. Miley walked the beaches of Cape Hatteras, Myrtle Beach, Crystal Beach and maybe more! Miley enjoyed the beautiful Shenandoah Valley where she lay under Papaws lawn chair listening to music of local musicians. Miley enjoyed going to RV rallies and seeing her doggie friends there.
Miley raised several kids, including Riley, Ian, Preston, Abby, and Miley loved Beau, Lydia and Adalynn. The littles were especially her best friend at snack time where she would follow them around keeping the floor clean from dropped cheerios and goldfish. Miley will be missed so much. She was the best dog ever. We love you Miley!