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About Mo Dopp

Mo was the sweetest gentleman a family could ever wish for.  We found each other on Christmas eve six years ago, and he was six months old living in Petco at the Angel of Hope Rescue area.  I couldn’t resist his big kind eyes and how he stared at me wanting out of his cage.  He came home on that snowy night and has been our loving family member until he passed away on January 28th, 2024.  Mo fought a brave fight with cancer, but ultimately went to the rainbow bridge with his loving human Amber holding him in his baby blanket, in the backyard looking out on his jungle where he played.

Mo was nicknamed “Magic Cat” because he was so fast and would disappear then reappear. Mo always came home for supper and treats.

Mo loved going on walks with his dog Freya, snuggling with his humans, playing with his toys, and hunting creatures inside and outside his house.  Mo loved lying by the fireplace or outside in the sunshine.  He enjoyed wrestling with his dog, chasing neighborhood cats and dining on fine cuisine including whip cream, French fries, and pizza.

Mo loved being helpful to his humans with their games, puzzles, cooking in the kitchen and typing on the computer.  He guarded his humans everywhere and nobody ever had to be alone in the bathroom because Mo was there.  Mo welcomed everyone into his home and had snuggles and love for everyone.  His favorite was having his belly rubbed, chin scratches and pets were good too, but belly rubs were mandatory.

His family will miss him dearly and love him deeply. Mo is survived by his Pomsky Freya, sister cats Pearl and Kiara, humans Cori and Amber.