Molly mcfarlane

About Molly McFarlane

Passed on October 8, 2022

Molly  McFarlane   June 30, 2010-October 8,2022

Molly was a rescue dog when we got her.  She was so full of energy and adjusted to our other dogs with ease.  Brody was her favorite.

On a nice sunny day you will find Molly digging a hole and taking in the sun.  Or, she will be digging trying to find critters in our boulder wall.  Because of that she earned the nickname Molly McDigger.  She is an Irish setter but hates water. If she won’t come in from outside you just say, “I’m going to get the squirter.” You didn’t need to tell her twice.  Another one of her favorite things was chasing shadows.  She especially liked to have you shine a flashlight on the ceiling or floor and she jumps and chases for the longest time.  She loved to take long walks and loves treats. Molly placed in the top 5 in Americas Favorite Pet.  However, she has always placed number 1 as our favorite pet.  Her baby brother, Cody who was 1 always bugged her and is a real stinker.  She has learned to ignore him most of the time. In the winter she loves to lay in front of the fireplace and just relax.  She barks with excitement and jumps and follows the squirrels in the fall.  Of course they are on the other side of the fence.  Molly enjoyed taking rides in the car and would perch herself on the console as not to miss anything out the front window.  She was a one in a million little girl.  We will be glad to see her again and be reunited at Rainbow Bridge.   Rest in peace sweet girl until we meet again.