About Moose

Passed on August 25, 2012


He was the best dog I ever had. He was a strong beautiful gentle white lab, 14 years old. He was regal and his hair was snowy white and he always kept so clean. He came to us from Jim & Sara Boitz & Homeward bound pet rescue adoption. He was raised with his brother Charlie and was a very happy dog. He came to live with us when there family began to grow. He walked right in and was just the most wonderful guy to be around. He always had a kiss and a hug where he would wrap his front paws around you for a big Moosie hug. He loved to swim! He loved to walk and visited almost every park around. He always obeyed and never did anything wrong, he was the most perfect dog a mix between a best friend and your protector. He loved the van rides, we would give him a sign for the van rides and he would run to the van and jump right in. Very intelligent, he learned our sign language very quickly. He was always there for a shoulder to cry on, he was there for me as I struggled thru my parent’s deaths. I will always miss the soft fur of his neck and the thump of his tail on the floor. He took in my parents’ two little girl dogs and loved them so much. Moose would let the girl dogs crawl over him, Moose would sneak them a kiss and they would give one back. Always taking care of everyone! If the girls decided to wrestle, Moose would bark and referee. He always had a happy, big smile on his face. His favorite food was “Filet Mignon” and he learned to love the squirrels he used to chase. He loved his squeaker toys, and always had room for another bone. He was a joy at Christmas opening his stocking and unwrapping each gift. He was our best friend; we did everything with him. He was also a great companion for our kitten “Flower” who became very trusting of Moose. He enjoyed camping and snuggling with his parents in a tent. He could catch anything in mid air and could do repetitive catching, he could pop the ball back at you after catching it, when playing with his favorite ball. He weighed about 135 and was about five feet long, when we walked down the street people would stand back and watch him go by, so proud to be with his parents, smiling all the time. He passed away at home with his family, Margie & David Rotondo and his three sisters (Muffin, Button & Flower) by his side. Thank you to Dr Helen from Mn Pets & Skip Wyland at Pets Remembered for giving him the respect he deserved in his final moments. He had a wonderful last supper, played a little catch and fell fast asleep in our arms…We loved our Baby Moosie and we will keep our memories close & near to our hearts!

There will never be another Moose!

We will miss your Boof and the Thump of your tail and your sweet smile!

Moose, we miss you but we know you’re a dog angel now and we plan on seeing you again someday in heaven on the other side of the rainbow…

Rest in Peace, my friend ” Moose!”