Nugget Tremain

About Nugget Tremain

In approximately September of 2007, the angels got together and created a dream come true. They sprinkled gold dust in Nugget’s downy soft coat, gave her twinkling soulful eyes, and sent her to this Earth to bring love and joy to everyone she met.
Our Nugget was named by her former human, a jockey, who purchased her as a baby as a gift to himself for the races he had won and placed in during that time. She was his ‘Golden Nugget’. As a young Catahoula, Nugget often visited us to play with our boxer, Roxy Balboa. She had such a blissful aura and a smile on her face, (yes, dogs DO smile), whenever she arrived. I swear she never wanted to leave our home after these visits. She loved us and we loved her from the start.
When times got tough for Nugget’s human, he surrendered her to us. We were thrilled to be given the honor to love and care for her for the rest of her life. We gave that sweet girl the best days of her lives. She had a yard to run and play in and so much love from her humans. She daily followed her girl Toby around the house as she cleaned, sat at her feet while she worked at home and at bedtime; and faithfully stood guard between she and the rescue blue macaw that posed only the slightest of threat to her while Toby worked out on her elliptical.
We couldn’t fathom that we would need to say goodbye this year. No soul can ever prepare enough for that moment…. A rapidly growing tumor was discovered on Nugget in the beginning of June, and we had to bid tear-filled goodbye’s to our beautiful Nugget on Monday June 14th, a warm and sunny spring day. The birds chirped in the trees above her as she lay in the shade on her favorite bed in the company of a few of her favorite humans and her lifetime veterinarian, Dr. Larry Tholl.
Our home is profoundly lonely right now. We miss her smile, and the jingling of her tags, her intense loyalty…her presence. Nugget was our world. We will forever hold this incredibly special girl in our hearts. She is dearly missed by Cadbury the netherland dwarf bunny, Milo, Jasper, and TJ, the triple tabbies, Libirdy the African grey parrot, and Coco, the deep threat blue and gold macaw. Nugget’s memory is also cherished by Jeff, Toby, Christopher, Hannah and Austin.