About Oki

Passed on April 4, 2014

Oki –

Oki (also known as “Oki-Bear”, because he was a big, lumbering kitty) was my buddy for twelve years. He was the cat that truly warmed me to cats, since I met him when he was just a tiny kitten. Originally a friend’s cat, he one day crawled into the sleeve of a zip-up sweatshirt I was wearing and fell asleep, purring. With that, he won me over. I inherited Oki, and couldn’t have been happier to have him as a feline friend.

He was a uniquely vocal cat – his meows sounded like quacks, and he purred so loud you could hear him across a room. He let you know when it was time to pet him, and if you stopped too early. While he wasn’t prone to cuddling, he was very affectionate. He took a while to warm to new people, but once he liked you, you’d be solicited for ear scratches and head rubs.

Oki’s favorite spot was sitting in the sunroom, in an old computer chair, watching the world go by – and quacking at it. He’d sit for hours in the sunlight, and then wander in to listen as we played music on the computer.

We’re going to miss you, big guy.