Pooh Bear

About Pooh Bear

Passed on April 1, 2014

I have been an animal lover my whole life; I have had turtles and tortoises since I was three years old, cats and big dogs. Pooh Bear was my first “lap dog”. He came to our family as a “spare male” from someone’s breeding project in trade for some of our English Angora rabbits. I was reluctant to get a little yappy dog and I did not know anything except the bad things I had heard about little dogs!

Well, a few years after Pooh became a Fisher, I lost one of my daughters and then six years after that, I lost another adult daughter. I can honestly say I might not be here today without that little doggie of mine. No fellow human being, psychiatrist, or medication could do for me what Pooh Bear did. He offered me unconditional love, support, companionship and constant caring without judgment for years and years. He knew in that way that companion animals know when to cuddle up and lick my tears and when to just curl at my feet and let me be.

Pooh had every health problem that purebred poms have. He was sick for several years but was always cheerful, happy and thrilled to be at my side. I have had a very rough go of it with grief over the loss of my daughters and I can honestly say that my doggie got me through. Other human beings do not know what to say, and even well-meaning best friends and family eventually give up trying to make it “better”. I finally made a turn for the better emotionally earlier this year and I think that is the only reason my Pooh Bear felt it was “Okay” for him to make the next step in his journey and leave this plane of existence.

My daughter, Samantha, always called Pooh “The Magnificent Pooh Bear” because of how he would stand in snow drifts in negative degree weather and let the wind blow back his fur, delighting in the cold. He was my doggie. He was magnificent in 100s of ways, I will always miss him, always appreciate the time I had with him and everything he did for me. I owe the magnificent Pooh my life several times over. Hims Mommy loves him so very much.