About Princess

Passed on April 22, 2014


Princess was a very special pup in my home and my daycare. She was definitely a mama’s girl. This loyal Sheltie followed me wherever I went. I could walk up and down the stairs 30 times in a day and she would be right there. Princess loved to play hide and seek… well she liked to tell where the person was hiding. She loved to use her herding instincts to round up my daycare children.

Princess was a very smart dog and understood many, many things. We added a new puppy several years ago and asked Princess to teach the other dog how to properly go for a walk. Princess would walk side by side with the younger dog trying to teach her.

Princess acted more like a person than a dog. In fact, she didn’t like other dogs too much. She was a very good doorbell. She was always excited to greet each member of the family when they were gone for a long time. She especially missed her boy when he went to college. She would get so excited when he came home that we had to make her greet him in the driveway.

Princess developed kidney failure at age 10-1/2. With the help of Cottage Grove Animal Hospital, we were able to extend her life another 2 years. The last couple of years may have been her happiest.

She was very loving and will be greatly missed by all who knew her. We love you Princess and we are glad you were a part of our life for so many years.