About Punky Danger Anderson

Punky Danger Anderson



Although she was more cautious than a risk taker, Punky still lived a life of adventure. She took several road trips across handfuls of states; kayaked; conquered slides; swam in the Gulf of Mexico; sledded; took rides in wagons, boats and strollers; and she once even transported a lizard on her back that jumped aboard as she was going for a walk. Punky spent nights in tents, cabins, hotels and covered wagons. She sported outfits that included bikinis, basketball shorts, tutus, coconuts, rash guards, other animals and more. If napping was a sport, she would have been the G.O.A.T.. Her favorite place to be was near Daisy and near me. She was goofy, serious, protective, funny, playful and lazy all rolled into one. Perhaps her biggest adventure was the role of sister—she was made to be a big sister, and she was damn good at it too.


For just under 12 years, she was our baby. She was loved. She was loved fiercely.


We will love you forever. Love, Daisy and mommy