ranger 2

About Ranger Wright

Passed on March 19, 2022

Our sweet boy Ranger has passed away. He was a very loving but shy cat. It took him months to trust anyone after we rescued him from the animal shelter.

He loved being outside and loved nature. He was a natural hunter. Every week he would bring us something – birds, grasshoppers, caterpillars, and mice. Watching him hunt was amazing… surprisingly he never hurt the animal…He was very majestic and had a Zen / Buddhist attitude all his life. Over the years he became exclusively Mark and Joan’s cat. He didn’t want love or attention from anyone else until recently. It would take months of seeing someone before he would even come out of hiding and it was very rare if he would come up to anyone or let them pet him.

He was very special. I can’t express how heart broken we are right now. I am glad he didn’t suffer too much or for too long and I was home when it happened. I am glad we had each other all these years. We will never forget you, Ranger.

Until we meet again- my buddy, my son, my friend. It’s not so much “goodbye” as it is – “see you later.” I hope to see you waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge. You will always have a special place in our minds and our hearts. RIP my sweet boy.


April 2nd, 2009 – March 19th, 2022