About Rio

Passed on April 18, 2014


We never saw the magic wand that waved over us. It happened without us even knowing and we did not deserve what was about to come. It was joy, loyalty and companionship like no friend could ever give. He did not care if we were rich or poor, what we drove, how we looked or what zip code we lived in. This was the purest most non-judgemental love we had ever known. The kind of love that is never unpredictable. It made us feel rich and complete and like a family. The next few years would be full of adventure. He introduced us to all of the deliverymen who frequented our home, neighbors who made him breakfast, fields that were full of pheasants, girlfriends, sleepovers, late night search parties and local law enforcement.

He taught us responsibility and prepared us for the future without ever asking for anything in return. When times were tough and we thought maybe we would call it quits, he reminded us how great we were as a family. He was the one thing neither of us were willing to give up. You can have the boat, the car, the house, but you cannot have him. He knew we needed each other more than we knew it ourselves. He had faith in us even when we had none. Our road without him is not yet traveled.

The boys do not know life without him.

When our family grew his love grew too. It was never threatened or jealous. He trusted us and we trusted him. He never let us down. People say, “dog is man’s best friend,” but Rio has never been anything less than family. He has made us better people and far better parents. He has taught our children the kind of love that doesn’t yell or scold or punish. He has shown us how to live and love without complaint, even when your body is old and broken and sore. He does not care if we are sick or sad or scarred, he loves us the same either way. He has made us feel like rockstars, supermodels and cartoon heroes without ever saying a word. We are sure this dog, who was born on Christmas Day was sent here to show us how to get started and make our way. God Bless You, Rio Grande. May you rest in peace and may heaven be filled with tennis balls, knuckle bones, and a little piece of Horseshoe Lake.

In Loving Memory December 25th, 1999-March 18, 2014