rocky bauer

About Rocky Bauers

The passing of our sweet dog Rocky was so incredibly difficult and will be one of the hardest losses we’ve been dealt. Rocky truly was the goodest of boys and made our lives so full. He was a brave protector, great big brother to his animal and human siblings, and could make a friend out of anyone.

Rocky was 5 when we rescued him from a home that had stopped caring about him and we wish we could have had him with us sooner. He hadn’t known a yard, treats, or a space to call his own until he came to be part of our family. Even through his rough start he has always been the most kind and loving family fur member. We’re so very lucky to have been able to provide him with anything he could have wanted. His dad quickly became his favorite person and Rocky would wait to meet him at the door after work. He was so smart and learned to listen for the GPS ping notification on our phones for when mom or dad came home. Rocky taught his cat siblings how to play and how to love humans (even the toddler). He taught his little humans to be gentle and took the blame for them when messes were made.

We couldn’t have asked for a better companion these last 8 and a half years. Near the end he loved napping in the grass with full sun and waiting for his human siblings to miss their mouths at dinner.

We love you so much Rocky, and hope you’re running around getting treatos and ALL the ear scratchies you could ever hope for.

Love, Dad, Mom, Leland, and Elsie 💙🐾