Rocky Hempel 1

About Rocky Hempel

Passed on February 28, 2024


Our beloved Little Buddy

May 2001-February 28, 2024

Rocky was born in May 2001.  He and his brothers were named after the Three Stooges by the Animal Human Society in Golden Valley.  We had gone with my cousin, Amanda to get her new cat, she choose a kitten she named Marty.  We fell in love with this kitten named Moe because he seemed to pick us.  He saw us and began purring and meowing.  When my mom was dangling her keys, Rocky just got up on his hind legs and immediately started boxing through the cage.  That was it.  He was family. He was Rocky.

A tiger kitten with white paws and chest.  He was always social and active.  He played with a string or toy boxing still at 22 years and running up and down the stairs like a kitten and athlete on a mission.  Rocky enjoyed sitting in the window or by the patio door sometimes trying to catch the birds or squirrels.  He was always seeking attention and showing compassion when someone was sick or hurt.  Rocky loved to open doors and let you know he cared.  Yes, he wanted to be near people-family, friends and strangers too.  He wanted to make you feel welcomed in our home and make a friend.

It is so very hard to say goodbye to you.  We will always love and remember our sweet loving compassionate Rocky.  You had a heart of gold, a passion for boxing, playing with bottle caps and toy balls, and running the steps like Rocky Balboa a true little athlete.

We will always have memories and love for you Rocky.

A fond farewell to our Little Buddy Rocky