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About Roxy Teixeira

Passed on January 24, 2024

Roxy Teixeira

October 22nd, 2013 to January 24th, 2024


Who says a soulmate has to be a human? Roxy was the love of my life, the light of my world, my soulmate. She was known by all who met her as the sweetest German Shepherd they ever met. My sweet baby girl loved to greet new people with hugs and kisses, and though she had a loud bark, she never ever bit. She loved going on adventures and car rides; whether it was road trips to as far as California, exploring a private beach on Lake Michigan, hiking our favorite Minnesota trails, or even just accompanying me to a local drive thru for some food. Her favorite days of the week were going to daycare at Hound Around Resort in Cottage Grove where she would spend more time observing the other dogs and following the staff around than actually playing. She loved sitting outside with me to simply observe nature; she loved watching the birds, squirrels, and kids playing outside. She never had to be leashed and she never ventured far from me; I would let her outside to go potty, and she would wait by the front door to come inside when she was done. She was protective of those she loved and wanted to keep everyone together as close as possible. I will miss our “good mornings”, which involved morning kisses, hugs, and cuddles as soon as we woke up. I will miss being attacked with love when I come home. I will miss her excitement when my car keys jangle or when I open the door to go outside. My house no longer feels like home without her. There were still so many adventures I wanted to take her on and things I wanted to do for her, but I am so grateful for the time I had with her and the overflowing love she filled my heart and soul with. Roxy only spent 10 years on this Earth, but the impact she made will last forever.