rupert miller

About Rupert Miller

Rupert was born with a rare condition that prevented him from swallowing fully.  He went through tons of testing and treatments as a pup and ultimately was given a feeding tube at 6 months old.  We knew this special boy was a fighter but holy cow did he blossom after that.  Rupert was a foster brother to over 50 foster brothers and sisters and an adopted brother to 5 dogs and 2 cats.  He had the patience of a saint and didn’t complain once.  He even let me take countless pictures of him and his wonky ear, which I am eternally grateful for.


On Rupert’s perfect day, he would be sitting in the snow, either chewing on a tennis ball, or digging for one.  He loved sniffing on his walks and interrupting your privacy when trying to use the restroom.  On a breezy day, his eyes would be closed with his nose in the air.  He also loved sitting on his perch in the front room and barking at passers-by.


There will never be another soul like Rupert and I am thankful everyday that we got to be part of his journey.


Rupert, I hope you are eating everything you can and breathing easy, sweet boy.  Until we meet again, I will carry you with me.  We love you, Bubba.