About Sammy

05/01/2003 – 02/05/2015

To the memory of my Sammy

Sammy came into my life over 11 years ago. He was 8 weeks old, when I saw him for the first time. The smallest one from other puppies but one with the biggest personality, who later grew into a magnificent, loving and playful boxer.

That first day he took charge, pushing his brothers and sisters to the side, showing the others that I was his. Sammy’s excitement for me caused me to immediately fall in love with him. At that moment my love affair with my Sammy started. Every day he would awaken me with his smile, making the start of each day wonderful.

Oklahoma born, Sammy was very excited to see his first snow in Minnesota. I believe he associated it with ice cream and tried to eat all of it. Later, he always liked to play in snow, digging his ball or carrying his own sled around.

A fenced backyard was his personal domain, a space for running, chasing squirrels and rabbits, playing with his balls and even helping me in the garden. He had his own swimming pool and could spend hours chasing gold fish around it, submerging his whole head and floating bubbles. At the end of the day he would drool sitting on the patio and waiting for his piece of steak from the grill.

Each day for hour or two we would take our daily journey outside around the neighborhood or to the park. Sammy also was a fantastic driving companion and was always getting very excited when heard a command “let’s go for a ride”.

Sammy’s unconditional love for me never wavered as he waited by the door, always greeting me with his joy and smile, taking my shoe and having me chase him around the house. He knew that he would get a big hug and treat at the end of that ritual.

In some ways we became even closer when Sammy got sick. He relied on me for his health and I relied on him for his non ending love. In January Sammy’s health started to decline. Our time together wasn’t nearly long enough. He was 11 years and 9 months old when he passed away.

Sammy will be in my heart forever.