sonny timm

About Sonny James Timm

Sonny loved cheese, he was a sneaky little guy who would suck up to you to try to get cheese if you were eating any. He would also try to steal a drink of my coffee whenever he had the chance. When he was younger, he would stretch out on his stomach like a dog with his back legs straight out. He used to be such a menace for straws, when we would get McDonald’s, you couldn’t leave your drink unattended or he would get into it to get the straw. He loved to escape the house, just to roll in the dirt and eat grass. He got more snuggly as he got older, and the last few years he demanded that he be spooned at bedtime, under the covers, using my arm as a pillow. He didn’t do it often, but he had the cutest little snore that just cracked me up. He would often fall asleep and we would watch him slowly face plant into the couch and continue to sleep like that. He loved drinking water out of the tub, and sleeping in the sun/on his little heating pad.

Sonny spent the day with us on the couch, sitting on his heating pad. He had tuna and drank his favorite tub water. He passed peacefully at home.

Sonny was my best little bud, and there will never be another like him. Rest in peace my sweet boy.