sophie loren

About Sophia Loren Grimes

Passed on March 2, 2024

10/2/2010 – 3/2/2024

You are covered in the fingerprints of God.

Sophia was born in a shelter on October 2, 2010.  Through a series of divine events, she came to live with us on February 2, 2011.  At just 4.5 lbs., so tiny, and so full of love, and sass. She had nicknames of Noodle Head (she liked noodles), SNOWfia, she loved SNOW, Sophie of the Jungle, she explored the gardens, Littlest One Ever, Pocket Rocket, & The Boss.

She lived with her sisters, Mollie (16) and Stella (13) her non-biological twin, and recently Mabel (3) the Boujie Farm Dog.  In our home, all the dogs have a voice, and she always seemed to be the chattiest.  Her expressions left no doubt that she had something to say.  She loved walks and bringing their “convertible” (stroller) with for when the walks got too long, or too hot for the short leggeds. We played in the pool, and she would often crowd her sister Stella off the floaty raft.  She loved dresses, and sweaters, and hats! She would swirl her swirly tail with joy and excitement, and she could do spin moves so fast she was a blur!

One of her very favorite days ever was going to the farm where their sister Mabel came from and their sister mini horses live.  She had seen pictures and videos of Gigi and Gracie that was the day she got to ride Gigi like a BOSS.  She loved to travel in the car, go shopping, go to Duluth and see all of the “Sea Chicktens” near the water.  She loved to go to the “Soapy Octopus” (car wash) with her sisters and then stop at Starbucks for the pup cups.  If mommy said “Let’s go on an adventure” Sophia was right there, ready to go! Every day to Sophia was a great day…

The early fall of 2023 found Sophia not feeling well and it turned out she had a heart murmur, and we discovered a mass.  There was a tumor growing in her lung and pressing on her heart.  It was not operable.  Once on meds she was nearly as good as new.  She was happy and running around like normal with just a little cough now and then.  So, we did what we did, we had great days every day, even up to the end.  She had a rough night, and that day she was not feeling great.  She still played outside, and we had special treats, and we called to make, the appointment. She did not need the appointment.  Saturday March 2nd in the early evening, she relaxed on the rug near the front door, and she passed away. God called her home as she was surrounded by her sisters and her family got to hold her and say goodbye for now.

They are all special ones…. But this one…she was a world changer.

Forever in our hearts, and in the hearts of so many.

Enjoy Heaven little one.

Mommy, Daddy, Gammy

Papa Anthony

Mollie, Stella, Mabel

Gigi & Gracie