About Steele

Passed on November 14, 2012

Buddy, his name was Steele but I called him Buddy.
He belonged to my Son and they were great friends. They spent many nights together sleeping, whether it was on the floor or in the bed.
They both did there share of getting into trouble and each time you could not stay upset with either of them for very long.

As time passed my Son grew up and headed off for College. Steele missed him very much and when my Son came home they spent as much time together as they could, especially at night.

While my Son was away I was the one Steele sought out. It was during these times that I learned and cherished the most. Steele was my Buddy.
If he wasn’t bumping into you to get some head rubs or talking you into giving him a treat. He was always there.

My Buddy was always around when anyone came over or if you were not feeling well.
He was the calming effect for the other 3 dogs and 3 humans sharing the same space.

We spent over 14 years together and I know my Buddy will always be with me. I know he is keeping watch over my Son, I hope he peeks in on me once in awhile also.

The Love and Devotion of a good friend can not be replaced.
The best you can do is remember fondly and carry the lesson’s you learned from a good Buddy.