About Stella

Passed on December 13, 2013

From a litter of pups, Stella made her way into my older son’s hands and heart and we knew this was the one. We took her home several weeks later in July of 2012. My in-laws have a German Shepherd, Stella’s sister, from the same litter. Stella greeted us with a toy, or a shoe every time we walked into the house. She would circle us and let us know how happy she was to see us. Sometimes she would just bring us one or our shoes to say hi. She never chewed them. Just carried them around the house in this happy, tail-wagging silly way. She was patient with us. Waited for her walk. Gentle. Obedient. Protector. She was the perfect dog. I couldn’t believe how lucky we were to have her. She read our emotions. She would snuggle, play, protect. Our family is busy and she was our hub. She smelled like the entire family, if that is possible. We live on a busy road. On December 13, 2013, she ran, barking, out of an open gate, believing she was protecting us from something, and was hit. We were numb. I am so glad we found Pets Remembered. They were wonderful. We needed that process to heal and we are grateful to them.

We continued to struggle through the pain and within two weeks we took in a rescued dog. He needed us. We needed him. He was the same age as our Stella, but his life wasn’t anything like the wonderful, plush, albeit short, life she had lived. We provided the love & guidance he had never known & he responded with true affection.

He has recently been adopted by a nice family. I decided it was time to finally write Stella’s tribute. Good-bye beautiful Stella Girl. We love and miss you so much.