About Zelda

Zelda aka “Big Z”

April 28 2005- March 30 2014.

Zelda was the most gentle, loving giant we could have ever asked for. She had her heart wrapped around me before I met my husband and we had our children. She has since then taken us all under her wings and touched each and every one of our hearts in a different way. She took pride watching over the children -waiting outside their rooms for them to wake every morning, and making sure strangers were safe for them, letting them lay on her. Instinctually she acted as if she were their mother. Almost every person who met “Big Z”, told her she really needed to get her under bite fixed at the dentist.

How blessed were we to have her heart, and for her to have ours. We cannot see that any other animal will ever fill her shoes. We miss her terribly and think and talk about her all the time. We hope and pray she is no longer hurting, and she watches over our little family as our guardian angel. Thank you Zelda for teaching us so much about love and what is important in life.

Love Brent, Jen, Jacob, & Max